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Nick is The Bee Shepherd and founder of Frangiosa Farms
Nick French is the owner of Frangiosa Farms. He is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and has gained knowledge through his time and travels in the U.S. Marine Corps and through traditional education. He has studied biology, tropical marine biology in Australia, microbiology, and finance. Nick is also passionate about urban farming and has a love of beekeeping that has grown over the years. He has been keeping bees since 2008 in urban farms, on rooftops, and in backyards. The farm that started it all, Frangiosa Farms, has over a hundred hives at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

As a beekeeper, Nick cares greatly for the health of the bees and their hives. He created Adopt a Honeybee, which is a donations-based program that helps safely shepherd bees and establish new bee colonies. Donations also go towards education for new beekeepers. As a beekeeper, Nick focuses on natural and sustainable beekeeping practices that consider the long-term effects of maintaining healthy bee colonies without the use of chemicals to treat the hives. Nick only uses essential oils and organic practices to treat the farms’ hives.

As a beekeeper already, he knew there were excellent benefits for people in raw honey alone. He went on to learn the value of hemp and how he could combine that with the raw honey from his beehives. He also worked with his wife Ali, who is an aromatherapist, to include the additional benefits of essential oils. As a result, Colorado Hemp Honey was born in 2015. In every jar of Colorado Hemp Honey, each customer will experience the benefits of raw Rocky Mountain honey, full spectrum hemp extract, and essential oils.

Nick has found fulfillment by creating products that make a difference in people’s lives. Using his extensive background, he has found a career that is very rewarding. He enjoys working with a like-minded team of people that have a diverse set of skills and values natural products like he does! As a beekeeper and business owner, Nick also holds backyard beekeeping workshops, presents to schools, and donates proceeds from Frangiosa Farms and Colorado Hemp Honey products to support Veterans to Farmers and Freedom Service Dogs of America.

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Ali is the Business Development Manager for Frangiosa Farms 
Ali French has a career in sales, recruitment, and business development that spans the last 25 years. After graduating with a degree in Hispanic studies in the U.K., she traveled to Guatemala for three months where she met her husband, Nick. During her extensive career, she has helped bring franchisees on board, helped stores launch new products, conducted promotional campaigns, helped employees with sales and objections, lead recruitment efforts, lead product development and marketing, worked in international sales, and even owned a pet magazine! During this time, she also studied aromatherapy and massage and took on clients. She still serves a few clients to this day.

Ali uses many of her skills and talents from her career to help new stores be successful as they bring Colorado Hemp Honey to their shelves. She also uses her knowledge as an aromatherapist to add to the layering effects of Colorado Hemp Honey by adding essential oils. She enjoys working closely with the pet industry and educating about the benefits of Colorado Hemp Honey as a shareable product for pets and people. In her spare time, Ali enjoys practicing and playing the drums.

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Eric is the Production Lead for Frangiosa Farms
Eric Peter has worked in the food service industry for 20 years and has a strong background in food service and customer satisfaction. Currently, he works with Nick on honey production and oversees the infusions. Eric is a Marine Corps veteran from New Jersey. He served overseas in San Salvador, El Salvador and Cape Town, South Africa. Once he returned to the states, he headed to Colorado and studied International Affairs at the University of Colorado. Along his journey, he was inspired to study and practice several forms of meditation and the healing arts. He is now a 200-hour yoga instructor, Trauma Release Exercise Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, and is Trauma Informed Yoga certified. Eric also studied massage therapy at Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, studied Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute, and is a facilitator for Centering Prayer at the Center for Contemplative Living. Eric enjoys giving back to his community with the various skills he has acquired over the years and is especially grateful to give back to veterans.

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Matt is the Marketing and Brand Manager for Frangiosa Farms
Matt Seres was born in Detroit and raised in Denver and is also a graduate of University of Colorado at Denver. He has spent his career in the worlds of specialty, natural, and organic foods. He has been with the company since the summer of 2017 and enjoys spreading the word about bees and their importance in our food system. In his spare time, he supports the arts and historical communities in Denver and supports local artists and musicians across many non-profit endeavors.

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James is the Warehouse and Shipping Manager for Frangiosa Farms 
James Cole oversees all packaging and orders and also stocks new honey coming out of production. For the last 13 years, he was the Inventory Specialist and Regional Warehouse Manager for a large tile company based out of the Midwest. While there, he managed audits of store inventories, helped with new store locations and openings, and forecasted product for different markets. James has always been fascinated with the wellness industry because of the true healing power of all natural products. He has personally witnessed the potential of natural products and that is what drove him to a career in the industry with Colorado Hemp Honey.

James is an admitted perfectionist by nature, so every time he packages products for shipping to complete an order, he guarantees that it is done with pride so that it reaches its destination intact. He also throws in some prayers and good vibes with each order too!

James is passionate about family and health. He believes that if you take care of your body then it will take care of you and provide you with the health to be there for your family. He also believes that good health provides mental strength to cope with life’s challenges. These beliefs bring job satisfaction in his role at Frangiosa Farms!

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