Nick French


Nick is The Bee Shepherd and founder of Frangiosa Farms
Nick French is the owner of Frangiosa Farms. He is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and has gained knowledge through his time and travels in the U.S. Marine Corps and through traditional education. He has studied biology, tropical marine biology in Australia, microbiology, and finance. Nick is also passionate about urban farming and has a love of beekeeping that has grown over the years. He has been keeping bees since 2008 in urban farms, on rooftops, and in backyards. The farm that started it all, Frangiosa Farms, has over a hundred hives at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

As a beekeeper, Nick cares greatly for the health of the bees and their hives. He created Adopt a Honeybee, which is a donations-based program that helps safely shepherd bees and establish new bee colonies. Donations also go towards education for new beekeepers. As a beekeeper, Nick focuses on natural and sustainable beekeeping practices that consider the long-term effects of maintaining healthy bee colonies without the use of chemicals to treat the hives. Nick only uses essential oils and organic practices to treat the farms’ hives.

As a beekeeper already, he knew there were excellent benefits for people in raw honey alone. He went on to learn the value of hemp and how he could combine that with the raw honey from his beehives. He also worked with his wife Ali, who is an aromatherapist, to include the additional benefits of essential oils. As a result, Colorado Hemp Honey was born in 2015. In every jar of Colorado Hemp Honey, each customer will experience the benefits of raw Rocky Mountain honey, full spectrum hemp extract, and essential oils.

Nick has found fulfillment by creating products that make a difference in people’s lives. Using his extensive background, he has found a career that is very rewarding. He enjoys working with a like-minded team of people that have a diverse set of skills and values natural products like he does! As a beekeeper and business owner, Nick also holds backyard beekeeping workshops, presents to schools, and donates proceeds from Frangiosa Farms and Colorado Hemp Honey products to support Veterans to Farmers and Freedom Service Dogs of America.