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Pure and Simple.

Frangiosa Farms is a small batch artisan honey producer. We help strengthen and sustain bee populations and provide honey to our customers that is beneficial and enriching. Your support helps us establish new colonies.



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Our Dedication To Purity

Colorado Hemp Honey is more than just hemp! Our honey is infused with full spectrum hemp extract containing naturally occurring terpenes and phytonutrients. It is also rich in omegas 3 & 6. We use a proprietary blend of Colorado grown hemp and triple test our batches for purity and potency.

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Other Ways to Help Your Local Bees and the Environment

Stop using chemicals in your garden and on your yard! Pesticides, insecticides, and weed killers are powerful and persistent and kill bees and other beneficial insects. Consider biological and organic controls like ladybugs!
Grow native! Growth plants native to your region. Select plants that produce a lot of nectar and pollen. Ask you local garden supply shop for details.
Buy organic! Some seeds contain clothianidin and other systemic insecticides that kill bees and other insects. Read the labels and if in doubt don’t buy them. Organic seed costs only pennies more than conventional. Some commercial compost contains imidacloprid, a very deadly insecticide. This chemical gets into the soil and water thereby absorbed by plants, ingested by pets, people, bees, and butterflies. Go organic as much as you can.

“Frangiosa Farms is committed to responsible beekeeping in the face of bee decline through community education, backyard beekeeping, and support of locally sourced pure and simple honey. I raise my bees with organic practices and love to talk about the wonderful world of bees and the benefits of local raw honey.”

~ Nick French
Founder and Beekeeper